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Nature Sustainability Community – Southern California Wildfires 2022

Geographic Patterns of the Pandemic in the United States: Covid-19 Response Within a Disunified Federal System 2021

AAG Annals – Climate, Capital, Conflict: Geographies of Success or Failure in the Twenty-First Century October 2020

Geophysical Research Letters – Vegetation Responses to 2012–2016 Drought in Northern and Southern California

Sacramento Bee Op/Ed on Marshes February 2018

AAG President’s Column – Long, Hot Summer October 2016

AAG President’s Column – The World of the City September 2016

California Drought Study From Kirman Lake – reports

AAG President’s Column – Geographies of Bread and Water August 2016

AAG President’s – The End(s) of Geography July 2016

Yale 360 Beyond the Perfect Drought 

AMBIO Paper on Science and Water Policy 

San Francisco Chronicle Op/Ed on John Muir and the City

Zocalo on The Future on Muir’s Legacy  and the City

The AAG Newsletter on Muir and Geography

Boom Article  on John Muir in the 21st Century

Popular/General Articles

MacDonald, G.M and Dong, C. 2022. Southern California’s Wildfire Threat Grows Worse as the Century Progresses. Nature Sustainability Community.

MacDonald, G.M.  2015. Beyond the Perfect Drought.  Yale Environment 360

MacDonald, G.M. 2014. The Next John Muir is Chasing Butterflies in the Heart of L.A. – The Conservationists of the 21st Century will be City Kids. Zocalo December 24.

MacDonald, G.M. 2014. John Muir. Boom: A Journal of California, Vol. 4, No. 3 (Fall 2014), pp. 60-69.

MacDonald, G.M. 2013. The Myth of a Desert Metropolis: Los Angeles was not built in a desert, but are we making it one? Boom: A Journal of California, Vol. 3, No. 3 (Fall 2013), pp. 86-94.

MacDonald, G.M. 2013 Yosemite fire puts San Francisco on the front lines. San Francisco Chronicle August 30, 2013

MacDonald, G.M. 2012. Los Angeles Water – Myths, Miracles, Mayhem and William Mulholland AAG Newsletter 47: 11-13.

MacDonald, G.M. 2012 Climate-change denial getting harder to defend. Los Angeles Times October 4, 2012

MacDonald, G.M. 2009 Misreading climategate Op/Ed Los Angeles Times December 9, 2009

MacDonald, G.M. 2009 Super-drought in the Southwest. Muse Magazine May-June, 26-31

MacDonald, G.M. 2007 hot and dry for decades Op/Ed Los Angeles Times July 13, 2007

Some Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Dong, C., Williams, A.P., Abatzoglou, J.T., Lin, K., Okin, G.S., Gillespie, T.W., Long, D., Lin, Y.H., Hall, A. and MacDonald, G.M., 2022. The season for large fires in Southern California is projected to lengthen in a changing climate. Communications Earth & Environment, 3(1), pp.1-9.

MacDonald, G.,  2021. Climate Change: Geography’s Debt and Geography’s Dilemma, The Professional Geographer, DOI: 10.1080/00330124.2021.1915815

Fard, E., Brown, L.N., Lydon, S., Smol, J.P. and MacDonald, G.M., 2021. High-resolution sedimentological and geochemical records of three marshes in San Francisco Bay, California. Quaternary International.

Glover, K.C., George, J., Heusser, L. and MacDonald, G.M., 2021. West Coast vegetation shifts as a response to climate change over the past 130,000 years: geographic patterns and process from pollen data. Physical Geography, 42(6), pp.542-560.

Holmquist, J.R., Brown, L.N. and MacDonald, G.M., 2021. Localized Scenarios and Latitudinal Patterns of Vertical and Lateral Resilience of Tidal Marshes to Sea‐Level Rise in the Contiguous United States. Earth’s Future, p.e2020EF001804.

Leidelmeijer, J.A., Kirby, M.E., MacDonald, G., Carlin, J.A., Avila, J., Han, J., Nauman, B., Loyd, S., Nichols, K. and Ramezan, R., 2021. Younger Dryas to early Holocene (12.9 to 8.1 ka) limnological and hydrological change at Barley Lake, California (northern California Coast Range). Quaternary Research, pp.1-15.

MacDonald, G. 2021. Geographic Patterns of the Pandemic in the United States: Covid-19 Response Within a Disunified Federal System. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreaks, Environment and Human Behaviour: International Case Studies, Springer. 451-467.

Glover, K.C., Chaney, A., Kirby, M.E., Patterson, W.P. and MacDonald, G.M., 2020. Southern California vegetation, wildfire, and erosion had nonlinear responses to climatic forcing during Marine Isotope Stages 5–2 (120–15 ka). Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 35, p.e2019PA003628.

Harden, C.P., Luzzadder-Beach, S., MacDonald, G.M., Marston, R.A. and Winkler, J.A., 2020. Physical geography contributes. Progress in Physical Geography.

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MacDonald, G., 2020. Climate, Capital, Conflict: Geographies of Success or Failure in the Twenty-First Century. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 1-21.

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Glover, K.C., Chaney, A., Kirby, M.E., Patterson, W.P. and MacDonald, G.M., 2020. Southern California vegetation, wildfire, and erosion had nonlinear responses to climatic forcing during Marine Isotope Stages 5–2 (120–15 ka). Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 35, p.e2019PA003628.

Avnaim-Katav, S., Almogi-Labin, A., Schneider-Mor, A., Crouvi, O., Burke, A.A., Kremenetski, K.V. and MacDonald, G.M., 2019. A multi-proxy shallow marine record for Mid-to-Late Holocene climate variability, Thera eruptions and cultural change in the Eastern Mediterranean. Quaternary Science Reviews 204, 133-148.

Dong, C., MacDonald, G.M., Willis, K., Gillespie, T.W., Okin, G.S. and Williams, A.P., 2019. Vegetation Responses to 2012‐2016 Drought in Northern and Southern California. Geophysical Research Letters 46, 3810-3821.

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Thomson, M.J., Balkovič, J., Krisztin, T. and MacDonald, G.M., 2019. Simulated impact of paleoclimate change on Fremont Native American maize farming in Utah, 850–1449 CE, using crop and climate models. Quaternary International, 507, 95-107.

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